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What is an 8 Liner or Cherry Master ?

What is a Cherry Master 8 liner game. How does a Cherry Master game work . All about a 8 line game machine

One the left is a screen of a typical 8 liner or Cherry Master game. The term 8 liner refers to the fact that there are 8 payoff lines on the game, three across, three down and two diagonals. The term cherry master comes from one of the very earliest 8 liner games which was called Cherry Master and thus the term is somtimes used to call all these types of games "Cherry Masters". So the names Cherry Master and 8 Liner are interchangable.
    These machines are often found in bars, convenience stores, social clubs and private clubs. They have bill acceptors that can accept $ 1, $5, $10 and $20 bills and typically are set to give the player 20 credits per $1. As the player wins, they build credits up on the machine. The machines do not payoff in cash. The Player typically resets the credits on the machine with a knock-off switch when they quit and some machines payout tickets or print out a credit slip to the player when they quit. Ticket dispensers and thermal printers are optional.

There are three sizes of cabinets. The tabletop on the right has a 13 inch screen and is made to sit on a bar. The floor models can be full size with a 19 inch screen or a cabaret size with a 13 inch screen.

On the right is the "Magic Bomb" game screen, this is a popular game

This is a typical game board for an 8 liner. You can easily change from one game to another simply by changing the board in the machine. There are hundreds of boards available including poker, solitare, blackjack, slots, and many many other games.

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