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Preventing Bill Acceptor Cheats

There are two ways that thieves cheat bill acceptors

  1. Stringing or "fishing"
  2. Shocking

Stringing Bill Acceptors:

      This usually involves attaching a mylar tail to the bill. I have seen lots of these over the years. Sometimes only a small strip of the original bill is used, and other times the bill has strategic cuts placed in it to cheat the acceptor. Then the bill is retrieved by the theif by pulling on the tail. How can you stop it? Well... Nothing's perfect. Check with the manufacturer for upgrade kits or change to another brand of acceptor. These cheats are unique to each model and it takes time for the thieves to learn a new system. They will also go to what they know and what's easiest for them so they will go somewhere the picking is easier.

Shocking Bill Acceptors:

      This involves using an electroic zapper, the high-voltage kind that are used in self defense on people and animals. The thief finds the right spot on the bill acceptor and applies a shock that makes it register credits.

To eliminate use of stun guns on 8-Liners.
prevents false credits caused by electro-magnetic interface. It has been shown to be effective against emissions from electronic devices that would otherwise generate false credits on many games. It is a board that is easily added to any 8 liner machine and works with all bill acceptors. Price $99 click here



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      The only way to prevent this type of cheating is good security and installing an anti String anti-Shcok bill acceptor such as the ICT A6 or the Smiley NV-8 bill acceptor shown here:

ICT A6 with Stacker
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Smiley NV-8
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