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Quarter Pusher and Coin Pusher machines can add big profits to your vending route. We have been delivering the highest quality Coin Pusher Games to the vending industry for over ten years. If you need a quater pusher for your route call us or order online today. We offer discounts for large orders and next day shipping. We offer the best service and warranty in thebusiness.

Skill Based Coin Pusher machines

  • Also known as Quarter pushers, these machines can add an additional, low maintenance, revenue stream to your business.
  • Great for: convenience stores, arcades, truck stops, gas stations, Machine is attractive, well designed
  • Players can control coin placement by moving the slide and also can stop the tray with the "stop" button
  • Designed to push prizes, as well as, coins. (ex. Watches, Knives, Keychain, Jewelry, etc.) Tamper Resistant Construction Theft Resistant Prize Bin
  • We also have Quarter Pusher Parts          Click here for info on adding high security Plexi cover
  • ALL BRAND NEW with ONE YEAR limited warranty See Additional Photos        WATCH VIDEO
 GET Manual on starting a quarter pusher business                          Download Brochure
Candy Top
Bonus Hole
Bill Changer
Security Cover
LED Color
Ticket Dispenser  
Quarter Pusher Standard (BLOWOUT SALE PRICE)
Not Avilable in Ohio or North Carolina
Candy Top Coin Slide Machine
Not Avilable in Ohio or North Carolina

Bonus Hole Arcade Slider

Not Avilable in Ohio or North Carolina

McGregor Coin Pusher Tropical Paradise (FACTORY SALE)
Add a built-in bill changer to
the front of anyof our Quarter Pushers


McGregor Coin Pusher Tropical Paradise (FACTORY SALE)
Add a Gum Ball Dispenser to
give Gumball for each quarter inserted



Add a Plexiglass security cover with hinged bars for added security.


Add a LED
color Lighting Package that will change colors and flash lights to attract customers


Add a Dicket Dispenser

From $499

23.5” Width
31” Depth
60” Height                      

NOTE: View Terms Page for return policy, these machines are not returnable

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