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I get several questions a day e-mailed to me. There are a few that are very commonly asked. Here they are with their answers:

  1. Tokens or quartersThe Real Slots are Quarters and we can convert them to any other coin for an additional $100.  Pachislo Machines are shipped as token taking machines only. That is the law. They can be converted to accept and payout quartersWhere Legal and it is fairly easy to do. takes about 5 minutes. I will e-mail instruction upon request after you get your machine.
  2. Electricity  They are all converted to standard household US electricity, you just plug them into a standard wall outlet and load the coins and begin playing
  3. Is there an arm ?The Real Slots have arms, they are right out of the Vegas Casinos. On the Pachislo slots,   NO...sorry there is no arm. There is a small arm in the front that you push down after inserting one to three coins to get the reels going. We do sell arm kits for these machines that can be easily added. If interested go to
  4. What is "skill stop" ? The Pachislo machines are "skill stop"  Skill stop simply means that the reeels do not stop push a buttom in front to stop each reel. We do sell "autostop" chips for Universal, Net and Electracoin Pachislo machines.
  5. What is "Pachislo" ?  That is just the Japanese name for these machines.
  6. Free Support  After you buy your machine you will be supplied with a number to call for support Mon-Fri 9-5 Central time.
  7. How do the Pachislo slots play ?  You drop 1 to 3 coins or tokens, push the lever and then push the stop button in front of each reel. They pay 5 ways, play credits or cash, play music and sounds...they are really fun to play.
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