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The Phoenix Thermal Printer by Pyramid Technologies is a Plug-and-Play solution that meets all the demands of the amusement and gaming industries, as well as kiosks, vending machines, and nearly any other application. With customization options that enhance security and ease-of-use for operators, The Phoenix Thermal Printer is one of the most durable and versatile thermal printers in the industry.The DIP Switch Configuration, Pot-O-Gold Harness compatibility, and lighted arrow on the bezel only begin the list of features that show the Phoenix Thermal Printer was designed with the user in mind.The Pyramid Technologies Phoenix Thermal Printer Features:

  • Plug-and-Play for Pot-O-Gold boards — No additional cables or adapters necessary.
  • Plug-and-Play for Pot-O-Gold, Cherry Master, and nearly any other application.
    Quick upgrade for ICT Thermal Printers.
  • High quality built-in paper cutter prevents paper jams.
    Easy paper replacement — uses same paper size as ICT Thermal Printers (58 mm paper).
  • Standard USB Interface.
  • Simple panel mounting.
  • DIP Switch configuration.
  • Automatic paper loading.
  • Standard Pulse Interface to convert hopper-based systems to printers.
  • Internal Real-Time Clock that allows date/time stamps on printed tickets or coupons.
  • Lighted arrow on bezel.
    Lighted Ticket/Coupon dispenser area.
  • Customizable ticket printing.
  • Upgradable flash memory.
  • LED Lights for Paper Low/Empty Alerts.

Product Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage: 12V
  • Print Speed: Approx. One Ticket every Three Seconds
  • Printer Life: 100 million pulses / 31 miles of paper
  • Ships with Power Harness, Pot-O-Gold Harness, One roll of Thermal Paper, and Installation / Operation Manual
  • One-Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty


Included in the Box:

  • Phoenix Thermal Printer
  • Pot-O-Gold Communication Harness
  • Power Harness
  • One Roll of 58 mm Thermal Printing Paper
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