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  • Credit up to 250 machines by simply entering combination's on the keypad
  • Easily wires into any pulse based system
  • Programmable to work with the pulse in and out settings of your machine
    - Programmable for location
  • Easily program your location name or any disclaimer you may want on your tickets

Printer Functions

  • Prints Credit Out tickets from ALL machines linked with GameNet Linking Cards
  • Full Accounting Audits - including Daily and Period totals you can only clear with a key for security

Key Functions

  • BLUE: Attendant Credit Up Key (Add credits to 1-250 machines)
  • GREY: Daily Accounting Report
  • BROWN: Period Accounting Report



Package Includes

  • 4 GameNet Linking Cards
  • POS Station
  • Citizen CBM-1000 Thermal Printer
  • Set of 3 Keys (Blue, Grey and Brown)

Purchase additional Link Boards for each additional game station up to 250 games on one system

$195 Each


This is the best way to manage your gameroom:

  • At the POS counter the Customer hands money to a clerk . The clerk enters the machine number and the $ amount and the credits go onto the machine chosen.
  • The customer plays the game
  • When the customer is ready to cash out they just press the cash out button on their machine and a ticket prints at the POS terminal with the amount cashed out and the machine number
  • The customer collects their ticket from the clerk for redemption
  • The owner can insert a daily audit key or period audit key and get a full audit report from the printer of the total cash in and cash out and also detailed listings per machine.
  • This eliminates the expense and maintenacne of a bill acceptor and printer in each game machine.
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