Prevent Cheating on your 8 Liner Video Games

Cheating is a big problem for operators of Cherry Master machines. There are ways to help detect and prevent cheating on your machines. First you need to understand the methods used to cheat. The two most common cheats are electronic “zapping” of the bill acceptor and “fishing” .

Zapping involves the use of a handheld high voltage zapper or stun device that acts like a cattle prod to induce a high voltage shock to it’s victim when presses to the person. In this case it is used to “zap” the bill acceptor or the coin mechanism to fool it into thinking that money has been inserted. This can rack up game credits that are used to play and win on the game. This is very hard to detect. “Fishing” involves feeding the bill into the machine until the credits rack up and then pulling it back out with an attached string or tape. Signs that this is being done include


1. A high rate of failure of game boards and bill acceptors

2. A machine that consistently loses money

3 A mismatch between the meter readings and the actual amt of money in the machine

4. The same player winning most often and playing for a very long time


If you suspect cheating you can count the money in the machine immediately before and after the suspected player plays the machine and match it to the meter readings, or place a video camera in a strategic location, or have someone watch the player very carefully. If you catch the culprit you can report them to law enforcement or ban them from your establishment. more info

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