Announcing our newest Florida Legal Pre-Reveal Multigame NCG Suite 1 Game Cube.

This gamecube has 3 video games on it. Can be installed in any Pot of Gold or Cherry Master 8 Liner cabinet that has touchscreen and a printer. It is pre-reveal and that makes it compliant with the laws of Florida. You must have a Touchscreen VGA Monitor to use this board. No re-loads or fees beyond initial purchase are required. See bottom of this page for more specifications.

Requires a VGS touchscreen monitor, bill acceptor and printer

We can retrofit this into any Pot of Gold or 8 liner Cherry Master cabinet that is touchscreen and has a printer and bill acceptor

No Reloads or fees required, no license

Player can pre-reveal up to 100 games ahead

On Screen settings for all options

Has 3 Games included