How to: Use a 2 piece strapping tool set for polypropylene.

Firstly feed the strap around the box/pack to be strapped, it is generally easier to pull the strap from the coil with the coil in front of you.

Secure the cut end of the strap under the gripper plate, this plate is raised and lowered by squeezing the handle and the base together. Be sure to leave enough strap in front of the tensioner in order to place the seal.

Next feed the other end of the strap through the cutter housing (A) at the front and the windlass (B). For greater detail, click here

Tension the strap to the desired amount by cranking the handle as shown.

Clip the seal over the strap where they run one above the other.

Crimp the seal into place.

With the seal crimped in place, squeeze the handle and the base together. This will do three things, the cutter in the cutter housing (A) will cut the strap from the coil, the windlass will disengage and release the tension (B) and the gripper plate (C) will be raised allowing the removal of the tool from the completed strap.