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These Scratch Off Cards Phone Card Sweepstakes are a great Money Maker for your organization. All cards are very colorful, on rolls of 1000 and display beautifully in the clear acrylic locking display cabinet.Guaranteed profit on every roll and they are also Phone cards for 15 minutes of long distance calling so they meet the test of being a product with a free sweepstakes attached. Great point of sale item or fund raising item.
You sell 1,000 cards at $1 each = $1,000
You pay out $ 650 in prizes
Cards cost you $125
You make $225 profit = 23% profit
You sell 1,000 cards at $1 each = $1,000
You pay out $ 650 in prizes
Cards cost you $125
You make $225 profit = 23% profit
10 " x 10" x 10 "
Locking 2 roll cabinet

Roll of 1,000 tickets

Roll of 1,000 tickets


Besides being a great money maker, a sweepstakes phone card is really about giving customers more for their money. They get two great benefits for the low price of one.

Pre-Paid Phone cards with attached Promotional Sweepstakes Game Pieces that pay winners off in cash legally. This is the same type promotional sweepstakes that is run by McDonald's, Pepsi, Coke, Budweiser, etc...

Customers get a functional phone card that can be used to call anywhere in the world and scratch sweepstakes where they get the chance to win instant cash and other great prizes!

The ongoing popularity, success and profitability of our cards are due to the superior graphic design and game themes, generous cash prize award formulas and better hit frequency ratios than our competitors. You can bank on the profits you will quickly see from our exciting line of phone cards. We invite you to take a closer look at our products and discover all of the exciting benefits they have to offer. Call to place your order today!

For more information on our sweepstakes phone card products please call (610) 687-5884

1,000 tickets per roll. Great money-maker for your organization or charity

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