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C-6600 Currency Counter NOW $150 OFF

C-6600 UV
$150 off Sale $329


Includes 1 year warranty
Click here for
Dust Cover

Quality & Value At The Right Price
Advanced Intelligent bill density recognition system eliminates time-consuming stops common in conventional bill counters. Innovatively engineered mechanism combines smooth counting of backloading machines with the user friendly hopper of the frontloading machines. Ergonomically designed simultaneuos adding and batching mode allows you to batch needed amounts while keeping track of the total, thus further increasing your money handling efficiency. The 6600 money counters utilize Infra-Red technology for maximum currency counting accuracy and for half and double note detection

Smart Our software is enhanced with features which make counting easier than in many other similar devices. When a double note is detected the unit stops counting, leaving the double note in the stacker and allows you to recount the current stack without losing your overall total. Additionally, in the case of a suspected counterfeit the unit dispenses the note into the stacker for manual removal. Pressing the «start» button continues the count and automatically deducts the countefeit from the overall total. Batch completion has also become easier. If a stack currently in the hopper cannot complete a set batch you can either leave the batch quantity as it is or change it, and the unit will automatically continue counting to complete the batch when bills are placed into the hopper. Experience these and other intuitive features we have incorporated into our devices.

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Counting Speed
(notes per minute)
1 Year Warranty

Buy Button
C-6600 UV 1400 bills/min 10 keys
1-999 range
Sale $329

C-6600 UV MG 1400 bills/min 10 keys
1-999 range
Sale $349

Technical Specifications

Feed System

Friction Roller System

Hopper Capacity 400 New Bills
Stacker Capacity 300 New Bills
Countable Note Size Range 50 x 90 mm
100 x 185 mm
Counting count, add, batch, add+batch
Memory Remembers Previous Settings
Error Detection Double, half, chain and
size note detection Audio and visual alert system
Size Detection - Included -
Power Source


110 VAC / 60 Hz
220 VAC / 50 Hz

Dimensions 11.6'' x 10.5'' x 8.1''
Net Weight Approx. 9.4 Lbs.
Optional Accessories

External Display

Advanced Counterfeit Detection
Many of our counters offer an advanced counterfeit detection system designed to search for and pinpoint suspect counterfeit bank notes.  Featuring the options of Ultraviolet (UV) Counterfeit Detection, or UV Counterfeit Detection combined with Magnetic (MG) Counterfeit Detection, our counters provide the ultimate in counterfeit currency screening.

Size Detection
These Currency Counters offer size detection capabilities which distinguish smaller dimension bank notes..

Ease Of Use
Combining automated features with user-friendly controls, these counters are so advanced in design, they're actually simple to use.  It has never been easier to count money!

Precision Accuracy & Reliable Counting
Our counters are engineered with fully automated, advanced screening capabilities to thoroughly detect errors
including double notes, chain notes, half notes, etc.  Our counters always ensure the most accurate total counts and are designed to offer years of trouble free use.

High Speed
C-6600 count at 1,400 bank notes per minute.    

Combining automated features with user-friendly controls, these counters are so advanced in design, they're actually simple to use!  It has never been easier to count money.  Our counters are so easy to use, just click the power switch and you are ready to count!

Product Warranty: We stand behind the quality of our products by offering the best warranty in the industry. All C-6600's are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year. You only pay shipping to us, we cover return shipping.

Extended warranties are available for the C-6600 products for a period of one or two years following the initial warranty period. Only one warranty extension may be purchased for each product and it must be purchased prior to the termination of the initial warranty period.                   Extended warranty 1 year additional $129



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