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3 player blackjack machine
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This 3 Player Blackjack Game comes complete and is ready to play. Just add a monitor. It includes the LCD brackets and all you need to do is add your own 46" or larger HDMI Flat Panel TV or VGA Monitor. It has a great Blackjack card game which is everyone's favorite Blackjack card game. It has three different player stations for group play with each station featuring a Bill Acceptor, custom button set, and ticket printer. One year software license is included.

It has advanced graphics, multiple decks, and programmable minimum and maximum bets.

Three station blackjack machine. Each station includes a Bellis BV-50 bill acceptors (3), Included Phoenix Printer, Bill Acceptors (3) and factory monitor brackets. Cusomer supplies 46" or larger HDMI Television or VGA Monitor..

Software Features:

  • Mulitple decks (operator adjustable) 2-12 deck shoe
  • Programmable minimum (<50) and Maximum (500) bet
  • Operator sets shuffle point
  • Ticket prints to conform with redemption law
  • Includes First Year Software license

Hardware Features:

  • Three Bellis BV-50 Bill Acceptors
  • Phoenix Thermal printer included for redemption
  • Uninterruptable power supply
  • Silent shuffle
  • Removable Playfield
  • Includes factory mounting brackets for monitor
  • One year warranty

Dimensions: 48" wide 44" Depth 76" Height

Only $6495

Item is not available in Wisconsin or Texas


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Our products are offered for entertainment pleasure only. Mitchell Enterprises is not responsible for machines that are used for any other purpose or for machines that have been altered or relocated to a state whose regulations limit the ownership of such equipment.


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